Wealth Management Strategies

We work with clients to clearly define their financial objectives and intentions. Together, we develop financial models to help individuals and families understand the impact of their current plan for lifestyle, estate, and community. Then, we run alternative models to pinpoint if different planning techniques are needed to pursue their goals.

Our Process

Our wealth management process helps identify clients’ needs and crystalize goals to get a total picture of what they want to achieve, including any obstacles that may block progress. We create a strategy that uses creative solutions to complex challenges. You can rely on us to employ a wide array of sophisticated tools to meet your needs today — and address the goals of generations to come.

Investment Consulting

We create a financial model that analyzes your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities, so we can determine the probability of accomplishing your goals. We construct an appropriate target rate of return to pursue your objectives and develop an investment policy statement that identifies an asset allocation that can meet the target rate of return with appropriate risk. Then we determine suitable investments and with your input implement a suitable asset allocation.


Portfolio Management

In managing your portfolio, we remain focused on your personal financial objectives. We consider the purposes for your wealth, your spending, your tolerance for risk, your tax situation, any upcoming liquidity needs, your time horizon, and your desire to create a lasting legacy with your wealth.

We specialize in guiding clients with wealth concentrated in one asset.

Advanced Planning

Our advanced planning strategies seek to help you accumulate, protect, and transfer your wealth.



We aim to enhance your investment returns by focusing on after-tax returns. We use asset allocation and tax-deferral strategies to improve net return.



We seek to understand other risks that are not easy to quantify and discuss strategies to reduce it.



We explore the most tax-efficient way to pass assets to future generations and charitable causes. We seek to maximize the transfer of wealth in a way that’s consistent with your goals.


Charitable Planning

Our charitable planning efforts are coordinated with our other advanced planning strategies to help fulfill your charitable vision.


Partnering With Independent Trustees

A foundation for effective estate planning.

A key role of an independent trustee is to ensure that the trust functions properly and its provisions are adhered to. We work with independent trustees, attorneys, or family members to manage trust assets and guide them to carry out their fiduciary responsibilities.

Advisor Collaboration

We work with your current advisory team—from CPAs and attorneys to other trusted professionals—to help design and implement cohesive and coordinated wealth planning solutions.

You can rely on Ned’s decades of experience and advanced capital markets knowledge to develop a customized plan with the right investments to pursue your most important life goals.